August 31st, 2021

The stone bridge that has been in Havenwood since early 1920s and crosses Bee Creek as the road winds its way down to Pendray House has been replaced. Cutthroat monitoring was postponed while the creek work took place.

The procedure began with blocking the creek above the bridge, and installing a pipe to allow the stream to flow naturally to below the construction site. In addition, a net placed up and down stream from the bridge prevented trout from entering the work area.

The creek was blocked by plywood and sandbags, while a pump moved water seeping into the construction area, back into the creek.

Bee Creek was effectively spit in two with a dry construction area to replace the bridge, while the water flowed as usual through the large pipe. Once the bridge was rebuilt, the pipe was removed from the culvert and creek flow was restored.

Bee Creek looks a little different by the bridge and natural elements of logs and rock were added to provide a natural habitat. Eventually the stream will likely find its way around its new path and the trout will find new pools to shelter.