2019 Season

2019 was successful in that we were able to retrieve and measure more trout than last year. June was an especially interesting month for site 4, located on Royal Roads property. Just as in 2018 a healthy number of Cutthroat were recorded ranging in size from 40 to 170 millimeters. Total number of trout recorded was 68.

The biggest change came in September when we dropped three sites which were not showing a regular trout population and replaced them with three new sites, all within the riparian zone.

The new sites now show small but consistent trout count with October being the most promising.Cutthroat_by_Month_2019


The biggest challenge to the health of Bee Creek in 2020  may come the beginning of new construction for Phase Four just south west of Pendray House.

Site 1, may become unaccessible due to renovation work on Pendray House.

Sites 2, 3 and 4 are located on the north edge of phase 4 and although shouldn’t be directly affected, construction on the bridge crossing the creek at the new site 2 may prove to be difficult.

It is anticipated that the bridge will need to be removed, re-aligned and re-built in order to allow fire trucks access.

With construction anticipated to begin in the Spring of 2020, it may coincide with the beginning of the monitoring season in May.

2019 Summary in Excel Trout Monitoring in Bee Creek 2019