2020 Season

The 2020 season showed healthy numbers of sea run Cutthroat trout and 109 trout were recorded.

The team identified one new site this year and so they are now spread out fairly evenly throughout the Havenwood property and one on Royal Roads land. The six sites now consistently produced trout through the year and all have a unique characteristic. The most active site located close to the mouth of the creek saw numbers climb until July then gradually even out during the summer. Site 1 was overgrown this year with weeds and overhanging brush, so the cover may explain the large numbers found here.

Placing a trend line on site 1 shows how the numbers gradually drop throughout the summer while numbers become more consistent further upstream. Sites 5 and 6 show consistent numbers especially in August, September and October

Sites 3 and 4 are situated mid stream where construction was planned to begin this year. It is expected that excavation will begin in 2021 now, so numbers will be monitored carefully next summer to determine the effect.

Coho fry are commonly found in Colwood Creek north of us but rarely in Bee Creek. We did recover one Coho this year however, mid stream in site 4 during the summer. It was small at 55 millimetres Coho fry.

It was an interesting find, showing that salmon still spawn in Bee Creek, but likely in isolated number(s).

When compared with 2019, there are similar trends to be seen with numbers peaking in July and August. The only noticeable difference is the the numbers are slightly higher this year especially in site 1. With the overgrown area there, it looks like there was a pocket of trout that spawned at that location and gradually moved upstream throughout the year.

General Collection Data 2020 spreadsheet