Monitoring trout in Bee Creek involves 5 steps:

1. Baiting and placing traps. Recording air and water temperature, time and water conditions. Weather conditions are noted. Traps are not placed in rapidly moving water.

2. Retrieving traps 24 hours later.  Trout are placed carefully in a bucket of fresh creek water.
3. Measuring and counting fish. Releasing fish slowly and carefully.
4. Recording air and water temperature, time and water conditions.
5. Recording comments on stream activity, insects, wildlife, water flow and general observations.

We use the following equipment to monitor bee creek.
1. Digital thermometer – We take air and water temperature when placing and retrieving the traps. Our thermometer is mounted on a selfie stick so water temperature can easily be taken.
2. GPS – we identify the latitude and longitude of each site and record the locations for ELSI and CRD. We use a Garmin Etrex Touch 25.
3. Gee traps – Gee traps come with two parts which are clipped together.  Holes on each end allow small trout to enter only. The bait is placed inside first then placed carefully in a shaded, area where the water does not flow to quickly.
4. Bait  – We use whole smoked oysters, which are an excellent source of iron and which the trout love. 🙂 The oil from the can of oysters acts as an attractant.