2018 Season

With a full year of monitoring behind us, we are able to see patterns of numbers of trout, their location, length, with dates and conditions.
Looking and trout retrieved numbers by site and by month, there are some conclusions.
Site 3 is consistently the most active. The site is west of the creek mouth and is the furthest from the mouth with the exception of site 4 which is landlocked. Trout retrieved in Site 3 were most visible in June.
Site 4 suffers from active pedestrian use, especially with dogs who like to swim at the trap location. Trout were observed at this site, yet it is unlikely the numbers change.
Site 2 is a concern, since the last trout sighting was in August. It is a busy site, perhaps affected by nearby construction.
Site 1 is affected by changes in Bee Creek flow. Although we saw one trout  at this site consistently throughout the year, the creek flow changed, making movement up to site 2 difficult.


June was the most active month this year. Reading CRD background on Cutthroat, we learned that they spawn in late fall, throughout the winter and it looks like activity fell after June. Ideally Site 1 would be the first to see trout activity, but not this year.

Results for October 2017 were stronger (consistent) than 2018, although Site 3 on Royal Roads this year remains strong.

Site 5
Site 5 is a few metres downstream of Site1.
It was first tested in August with one trap for one hour resulting in one trout. It was tested again in September with one trap for one hour resulting in three trout. It was last tested in October with one trap for one day resulting in nine trout.
Conclusions are difficult to make, although it looks like there are a good number of trout that do not reach Site1. The largest trout retrieved measuring 190 millimetres came from Sites 5 and 3.
a/ Some trout have moved upstream to site 3 and are maturing.
b/ Significant number of trout have not passed Site 5 (close to creek mouth) and are maturing.
c/ The stream flow change at Site 1 is affecting movement of trout in Bee Creek.

Monitoring Summary 2018 spreadsheet