Bee Creek

Bee Creek is a small stream in Colwood that flows into Esquimalt Lagoon.

Its flow begins as groundwater seepage at the base of a rock escarpment, on federal land leased by Royal Roads University. The stream flows through young forest and shrubs on this land, then through Pacific Landing before discharging into Esquimalt Lagoon in a small estuary.

The surrounding watershed contains some ancient Coastal Douglas Fir forest, as well as residential areas and open fields that were once farmed. Unlike most streams, the flows in Bee Creek do not change much with the seasons, since it is fed by groundwater more than by rainwater. This unique characteristic has shaped much of the form, ecology and human use of the stream over the years. (City of Colwood, 2018)

There are four monitoring sites with number one being closest to the creek mouth. Site Two is in a shady area just west of Pendray House. Sites three and four are just west and on Royal Roads University grounds.

The creeks’ source comes from a number of aquifers which flow out of the escarpment west of the creeks mouth.