2022 Season

Bee Creek and the surrounding region on the south Vancouver Island experienced a dry spring and summer with warmer than normal summer temperatures. Creek temperatures have not been effected and the trout are feeding well with good supply of food consisting of shrimp, caddis flies and other insects which are thriving. Blue Heron have been seen feeding regularly at the mouth of the creek as well as just upstream from the mouth.

The new bridge which was installed last year has changed the flow of the creek, which appears to have created new pools above and below the bridge, all which are excellent resting spots for the trout going upstream.

137 Cutthroat were recorded this year which is roughly double that of 2021, principally due to no trout being monitored for two months during the bridge reconstruction. The one trend that shows itself is that there are a consistent number of trout being found throughout the season especially towards the end in September and October, with 30 trout being measured each month.

The trout ranged from 40 to 160 millimetres this year with the most common length being 120 millimeters.

2022 Trout Monitoring summary spreadsheet