July 31, 2021

The summer of 2021 continues to to be warmer than usual, although it does not appear to have effected the health of the cutthroat population in Bee Creek or the creek temperature.

Site one just north of Pendray House and closest to the mouth of the creek, allowed us to retrieve 11 trout ranging from 80 to 140 mms, with the rest of the 26 trout recorded this month spread throughout the sites.

Of special interest is the new site, just west of the stone bridge which was chosen by Jordyn last month. A logged seven month old juvenile trout suggest that spawning occurred in January, 2021. Bree’s site, also new, showed a four year old trout and is located mid way along the creek.

The stone bridge shown here will be removed next month, to facilitate traffic to phase 4 of the Pacific Landing.

The Bee Creek team plans to postpone cutthroat monitoring during August and will continue at the end of September. In lieu of a trout monitoring post in August, there will be an explanation of how the creek will be managed during the building of a new bridge.