September visitors to Bee Creek

While the creek was undergoing bridge construction we were fortunate to have had a visit from students studying at Royal Roads University in the School of Tourism and Hospitality.
Moira McDonald and Spencer Brown, both faculty at Royal Roads, brought their class to learn how trout are monitored in Bee Creek.
They started with an introduction to the location of the creek and how the trout are trapped and measured. Several traps were pre-set and the students retrieved them, measured, photographed and released them safely back into the water. One class member recorded the data, while another recorded the water temperature.

A healthy cutthroat of 140 millimeters was recorded.

From three sites, ten cutthroat were recorded and the class enjoyed learning of the importance of taking care of the environment and each student had a chance to learn how to handle the fish carefully.

Many thanks to Moira and Spencer for visiting with the hard working class…it was a lot of fun.