October 30th, 2022

Season end on Bee Creek experienced heavy rains which soaked the area and filled the creek overnight. Despite faster running water and higher levels than usual, we recorded 30 cutthroat in seven sites, with lengths ranging from a small 50 millimetres to several at a relatively large length of 160 millimetres.

The healthy numbers finish off a monitoring season which reflects a good population of trout despite the heat wave during the summer, very late spring and an unusually early winter with heavy rains and even snow with the rapidly dropping temperatures.

With changeable weather came patterns of length. Given that a trout will grow roughly 25 millimetres in length per month lengths recorded suggest that since it take up to six weeks from spawning to hatching, the trout in Bee Creek could be up to two or three years old. Sea Run Cutthroat typically return to the coastal waters after this period of time so it is interesting to confirm this trait of largest trout recorded being 180 millimetres. (probably three years old).