September 29th, 2022

Fall has finally arrived to Vancouver Island and the cooler temperature brings more colourful trees surrounding Bee Creek.
With the season end coming up next month, we were able to retrieve 31 healthy cutthroat with the two largest being recorded near the mouth and from site 7 on Royal Roads property. The largest measured 150 millimetres, or approximately six months old.

Typical cutthroat trout recorded on Bee Creek.

The vegetation surrounding the creek has grown substantially over the summer, especially close to the mouth, making the placement of the traps a little challenging, but also rewarding, since dense weeds are an excellent source of cover for the fish.

Rod joined me this month and recorded the data in his customary efficient way. It looks like we may have to provide a salary raise.

Other noteworthy news is that the trout looked healthy with large bellies indicating that the creek is still providing a good source of food for the trout.