July 30th, 2022

The end of July marks the halfway point in the season for trout monitoring. The creek has slowed a little plus warmed up about 3 degrees with the warmer weather. In addition, plant life which provides shade and protection for the trout has grown thick and heavy.
This month we recovered 21 cutthroat similar to the month of June and with typical length range of 60 to 140 millimetres. The creek is running a little more slowly now and site one, as usual sees the largest and most number of trout. Their colours were bright and the juveniles were active and certainly well fed likely with freshwater shrimp.

Trout were found in all sites this month along with several Prickly Sculpins (Cottus Asper) which spawn in stream estuaries. This fish can be mottled dark brown, green or grey with white or yellow undersides. There is usually a dark spot on the back edge of the dorsal fin and the fins are edged with black. (centralcoastbioversity.org, 2022)