May Visitors to Bee Creek

Pendray House hosted the May 19th meeting steering committee of the Esquimalt Lagoon Stewardship Initiative; the first in person meeting of the group since Covid started over two years ago. The meeting agenda included a brief tour of a few Bee Creek trout monitoring sites. The committee were able to see examples of a baited gee trap and how it is positioned in the creek to ensure good trout sampling data.
The tour included a view of the new bridge, crossing Bee Creek, with an explanation on how the bridge was built while maintain creek flow and trout safety. Considerable effort was made to rehabilitate the stream bed and banks so that pools and natural cover were consistent with good stream keeping.

(from left to right) Rodney Huszar, Lindsey McCrank, Jen Tyler, Rachel Buskie, Bob Peart, Jason Nault, Judy Nault, Stephen Ruttan(for Vicki Metcalfe),