September 27th, 2020

September brought healthy numbers of cutthroat in Bee Creek. The trout ranged from 65 to 130 millimeters and with the exception of site 2, which held a small sculpin, we were able to retrieve trout from all sites.

Heavy rains preceded the trap drop, so water levels were higher, somewhat faster and warmer.

Jean joined us for the trap retrieval and did a great job with Daryl measuring a record 30 cutthroat. With the season coming to a close next month it looks like the monitoring season will be successful this year.

Sculpins are interesting fish. A sculpin is a type of fish that belongs to the superfamily Cottoidea in the order Scorpaeniformes. As of 2006, this superfamily contains 11 families, 149 genera, and 756 species. Sculpins occur in many types of habitat, including ocean and freshwater zones.(Wikipedia, 2020)