Site 1  – Just north of Pendray House, Site 1 is just up from the mouth of Bee Creek. The creek is split here into several arms, so faster than others. We have been monitoring slow moving same spot.
Interested in moving a little closer to the mouth in August.
Site 2 – just east of Pendray House is a slow to moderate moving section of the creek. This site showed some good Cutthroat in May and June, yet none in July, 2018.
Site 3 – Just southeast of Pendray House on Royal Roads ground, this site showed healthy activity in June, but none in July.
Site 4 – This site is closer to the sources of Bee Creek and small numbers of small cutthroat can be seen here.

Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 4
N48.25.588 N48.25.576 N48.25.544 N48.25.557
W123.28.528 W23.28.584 W123.28.762 W123.28.838